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Not Available in this Split View Mac El Capitan

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When you get the seeming error “Not Available in this Split View” that means that those windows are not available in the split view and I couldn’t understand why. Here is why: they’re too big to take up only half the screen. I was trying to open two OmniFocus windows in split view and I […]

Percentage increase saving calculator

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This is made to help you figure out how to gradually increase how much to put into savings. For instance if you put 100 in savings the first month and you increase the amount you save each month by 20% for 6 months. percent start periods

Making my DIY fluorescent ring light $50

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I wanted a ring light I could use for video with my iPhone and camera. I didn’t understand the ballast thing for a while, but then, I realized that each ballast tells you what model number of light tube to use. So, I found the light tubes I wanted, then searched for the ballast that […]

Artist vs. Military

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I seriously considered joining the army or something in high school. I had no job skills, but I had a lot of hobbies that eventually led to my current career. I was raised in a small town in Ohio.  The idea that a kid could become a full-time professional performer was completely alien.

I Hate the Game Of Thrones Billboard

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The wings on this billboard are so out of proportion. This is the widest wingspan. The vertical billboards look even worse. The picture made me uncomfortable and I couldn’t figure out why for a while. And here’s how a real crow looks.